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Zoey Jordan’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection radiates concepts derived from the fields of climatology and astronomy with her attention to albedo, or reflection coefficient. When rated on the scale used to measure reflectivity, nearly the entire Zoey Jordan collection would be a 1, for perfect reflection of a white surface. Accompanied with materials with Lambertian reflectance (after physicist Johann Heinrich Lambert who introduced the concept of perfect diffusion in 1760), the materials used in the collection literally shine with luminous intensity.

Traveling through interstellar space at over 11 miles per second, the Voyager Spacecraft (launched in 1977) currently carry aboard it a similarly reflective piece of art: a gold-plated copper phonograph record containing sounds and images meticulously selected to embody the diversity of life and culture on Earth. Powered by GE-designed command computers (for flight path, communication capability to NASA’s Mission Control) as well as the electricity generator (for instrumentation, computers, radio), these robotic emissaries literally and figuratively reflect the power of human ingenuity and exploration while merging intricate design and form.

- Rich Evans, sagansense.tumblr.com | #iOnFashion NYFW 2014

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Always reblog.

they sure as hell do 

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When I tell my friends I’m not going out tonight but then get a second wind and show up to the pre-game







Fucking kids care more about each other than we do

I was gone from school for two weeks after being in an accident and when i came back to school literally no one gave a fuck. I wish we can all go back to our 4 year old selves because growing up teaches us how to hate and be self centered. 

The way she pats his back with her tiny hand

I fucking hate kids but I aw’d.

Hand pat FTW

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Richard D. Winters (January 21st, 1918 - January 2nd, 2011) was a United States Officer in the Army and a decorated war veteran. He commanded E Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, during World War 2. He was a very handsome man during his young days and it defiantly added to his amazing personality and courage if you have ever seen the movie Band Of Brothers. He helped many others during the 2nd World War and was an amazing soldier. There is no denying. He was a hottie back in th late 30’s and 40’s.


Richard D. Winters (January 21st, 1918 - January 2nd, 2011) was a United States Officer in the Army and a decorated war veteran. He commanded E Company, 2nd Battalion506th Parachute Infantry Regiment101st Airborne Division, during World War 2. He was a very handsome man during his young days and it defiantly added to his amazing personality and courage if you have ever seen the movie Band Of Brothers. He helped many others during the 2nd World War and was an amazing soldier. There is no denying. He was a hottie back in th late 30’s and 40’s.

"You just have to play to your own strengths you were born with. If you’re born a water bender, you don’t say you wish you could be a fire bender just because you see people beautifying fire- no, you level your water bending shit up and start controlling people’s fucking blood! Screw fire. Screw it’s beauty. You got your own beauty, your own strength."
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Industrial goth dance groups are having a good time

I just had to watch this three times in a row.

Stop the presses. Just found then best thing ever.

"I no longer have patience for certain things, not because I’ve become arrogant, but simply because I reached a point in my life where I do not want to waste more time with what displeases me or hurts me. I have no patience for cynicism, excessive criticism and demands of any nature. I lost the will to please those who do not like me, to love those who do not love me and to smile at those who do not want to smile at me. I no longer spend a single minute on those who lie or want to manipulate. I decided not to coexist anymore with pretense, hypocrisy, dishonesty and cheap praise. I do not tolerate selective erudition nor academic arrogance. I do not adjust either to popular gossiping. I hate conflict and comparisons. I believe in a world of opposites and that’s why I avoid people with rigid and inflexible personalities. In friendship I dislike the lack of loyalty and betrayal. I do not get along with those who do not know how to give a compliment or a word of encouragement. Exaggerations bore me and I have difficulty accepting those who do not like animals. And on top of everything I have no patience for anyone who does not deserve my patience."

Meryl Streep


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Tales from my epic adventure staying at one of the most unique and luxurious hotels in Paris…


Royal Monceau Raffles Paris - A Photo-Tour

A couple of months ago, I stayed in Paris for a few weeks and had the pleasure of being a guest of the Royal Monceau Raffles Paris during my stay.

The Royal Monceau Raffles Paris Hotel is a 5 Star Palace hotel located in the heart of Paris within walking distance to the Park Monceau and the Arc de Triomphe. It opened in the late 1920s and has hosted a wide array of people including Josephine Baker, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, and Michael Jackson.

It was recently refurbished by the iconic French designer Philippe Starck. And indeed, staying in the hotel and exploring it fully takes you on a whimsical journey into the imagination of Starck.

By the time I stayed at the Royal Monceau, I had been traveling in France for nearly three weeks at the tail-end of an adventure that took me through the south of France and up to Paris. I was a bit saucer-eyed and woozy from travel and travel photography. However, Royal Monceau made it impossible for me not to completely unwind and have my own smile-worthy adventure within its walls as I discovered the genius of Starck and grew to appreciate the Royal Monceau’s high standards of excellence.

Let’s explore!…

I stayed in one of the non-suite rooms during my stay. A view of the room looking towards the window:

Here is the view in my room looking towards the door. You will notice the large work of art carefully sitting against the wall. The hotel is devoted to art, and even has its own art concierge, Julie Eugène.

The works of art in the rooms belong to the hotel’s extensive art collection. The work of art in my room was by artist Koichiro Doi (Explosion: Pink).

As for the guitar, it’s there to enjoy and make visitors feel at home. Indeed, seeing the art sitting against the wall along with a guitar made me feel like I was in an alternate luxurious version of my own apartment  :


If the sleeping area feels like a re-imagined, sophisticated version of home, the mirrored bathroom feels like another dimension entirely with a wall of mirrors and all elements designed by Starck:


Closing the doors to the bathroom revealed more mirrors:


There are little details everywhere painstakingly chosen by Starck that make you stop and take pause like this handwritten letter hanging next to my bed from Jean Cocteau, a famous French poet, filmmaker, and artist :


When it comes to macarons, I am firmly a Pierre Hermé fan girl thanks to a sweet introduction to his macarons shortly after I arrived in Paris by my friend Beth.

Imagine my surprise when I realized that Hermé is the official pastry chef of the Royal Monceau Hotel.

So, you can imagine the sheer joy I felt when I saw a Hermé spread of macarons laid out in my room.


Sitting on the bed looking into the mirror which doubles as a television:


Beautiful Paris rooftops seen from the window of my room:


As soon as I saw the hallways in the hotel, I felt like Alice in Wonderland and I knew that I wanted to take this photo:


Indeed, the hotel’s design has a whimsical quality to it. The elevators are all different colors and fully mirrored. Here is the red one:


As I exited the elevator and looked out onto this scene looking out towards mirrors with artwork by Stephen Smith Lloyd, I distinctly heard a song from Twin Peaks by Angelo Badalamenti play softly on the hotel’s speakers:


I was so amused by the fact that Badalamenti was playing since I had been feeling a very distinct Lynch vibe while exploring the hotel. Some context: I am a huge David Lynch fan and Angelo Badalamenti is the composer that Lynch uses for many of his films as well as one of my favorite soundtrack composers (this video when fully watched illustrates his brilliance perfectly: Badalamenti and David Lynch) and who I listen to quite a bit when I edit my photos.

In the moment, I tweeted: “As I walked off the elevator earlier, a track by Angelo Badalamenti (from Twin Peaks) was playing and I smiled wide :)”.

And the lovely social media person for Royal Monceau tweeted back to me: “Thank you Vivienne, we’re glad you’re enjoying our David-Lynch-meets-Alice atmosphere :)”.


One of the most striking works of art in the hotel is by Russian artist Nikolay Polissky called Salle des Trophées which consists of 15 life-size wooden elk  :


Gorgeous chandeliers above the grand staircase:


Detail of hanging art in the hotel’s lobby area :


In addition to the beautiful hotel interiors, Starck is also responsible for the design of the hotel’s 1 Michelin Star restaurant, La Cuisine. Here is a view of the restaurant :


Plates designed by Starck:


Even the coffee cups are intricately designed by Starck. The paintings on the saucer are reflected perfectly in the cups. Here is a goldfish reflection:


And, an eye (my favorite):


Walking outside leads to the Terrace Garden, a relaxing and charming place to enjoy a meal or snack:


One of my favorite parts of the garden area is this great art installation by Joanna Vasconcelos of a giant ironwork tea-pot that guests can sit in. Magical!:


The hotel is full of surprises like the Katara Cinema Room, a 99 seat theater designed by Starck with state of the art cinema equipment like 3D:


And the award-winning Spa My Blend by Clarins spa which features a 23 meter infinity pool, one of the largest to exist in a Paris luxury hotel:


During my stay, I was fortunate enough to get a quick tour of one of the Presidential Suites. These are suites that start at 25,000 Euros a night. You will notice that the design by Philippe Starck is consistent with the room I stayed in which was one of the studios:

The Presidential Suite’s living area:


….dining area:


….bedroom (one of them):


And detail from one of the living room areas featuring a gorgeous photo by photographer Simon Chaput:


I hope you enjoyed the photo-tour!

I feel so fortunate to have had the experience I did at the Royal Monceau Raffles Paris. Everything from the food, to my time in the spa, and my adventures exploring the brilliance of Starck’s design felt like a dream.


Looking for these (and more) Royal Monceau Raffles Paris Hotel photos to view larger? Here you go (click or tap on each photo to view larger):

Royal Monceau Raffles Paris Hotel Photos

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Incredible amounts of gratitude to:

The Royal Monceau Raffles Paris Hotel who let me stay as a guest of theirs in exchange for photography and took amazing care of me during my stay.

And, the official French tourism agency, who you can find here on Facebook France Guide. They made my entire France photography adventure possible and went above and beyond in making sure I was well taken care of everywhere I went (truly).


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"I’ll marry a man who knows how I take my tea, coffee, and alcohol —
And knows when to make which."
- Amen (via insanity-and-vanity)

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